Martial Arts and Relaxation: Why Tai Chi Is Good For the Elderly

Blog7 840x410 - Martial Arts and Relaxation: Why Tai Chi Is Good For the Elderly

In the last ten years or so, there has been a boom in people who practice Tai Chi in parks and other open public places. A majority of them are adults who are entering their autumn years. So this prompted a curiosity in us as to why that is and why Tai Chi is good for the elderly. We hope you enjoy today’s discussion!

What is Tai Chi?

This particular martial art finds its roots in China. It is all about synthesizing the flow of chi or energy in the body. It involves a series of slow and flowing movements. A majority of the practitioners of this particular form of martial art are adults and the elderly.

tai - Martial Arts and Relaxation: Why Tai Chi Is Good For the Elderly

Why is Tai Chi Good for Elders?

Reduces Stress

Just because a majority of those practicing tai chi are retired, this does not mean that their lives are any less stressful. The calming sway and ebb of movements involved in Tai Chi have been known to reduce stress in the elderly by about 46%.

Improves Balance

One of the main concerns of health practitioners is the fact that the elderly are often at risk for falling. Balance tends to go away when your legs aren’t as steady as they used to be. Those that practice tai chi will be exposed to motions that help improve their balance and strengthen their leg muscles.

A lot of tai chi involves staying still on your legs while your arms do a variety of motions. Eventually, the legs will have to incorporate the movement but they are carefully planned and carefully executed.

tai2 - Martial Arts and Relaxation: Why Tai Chi Is Good For the Elderly

Good Exercise

Do not let the gentle movements fool you in any way. While Tai Chi is not as physically demanding as other forms of martial arts, it still will make you exert effort. Tai Chi falls under aerobics and even good cardio.


Tai Chi has a lot of good benefits for those that practice it—no matter what their age is. One of the reasons why Tai Chi is so popular with the elders is that it is that set of practitioners that really get to maximize the benefits at their late age. Exercise is truly important when you are an elderly person and we think it is great that tai chi can help elders to achieve healthier lifestyles.

What other reasons do you think exists as to why it is good for the elderly?

International Heroes: Our Personal Picks for Martial Arts Excellence

Blog2 840x410 - International Heroes: Our Personal Picks for Martial Arts Excellence

In the world of Martial Arts, there are those whose names truly stand head and shoulders above the rest. There are those that are favored above all else and we have our own personal picks. This discourse was borne out of a question that was sent to us a couple of weeks ago. Someone had phoned in a question asking who we admired most for their martial arts excellence.

We went around asking our writers for who they thought were exceptional in their achievements in the world of martial arts. As it turns out, a majority of us carried the same thoughts and the same people in mind. With that said, we would like to share with you some people that we firmly believe truly elevated martial arts as a whole while they were in pursuit of their own goals.

Esai Maeda

This person was known by another name: Conde Koma. It was this person that introduced the art of Judo or Japanese Jiu-Jitsu to a family in Brazil in 1914. This family is the Gracie Family. If you aren’t familiar with them, they are the family that went on to establish a dojo or school that is solely responsible for some of the best fighters that MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has seen in this century.

Yip Man

Yip Man Class - International Heroes: Our Personal Picks for Martial Arts Excellence

More commonly known as Ip Man, this person has dominated the consciousness of a majority of fans and non-fans of martial arts. Thanks to a few movies starring Donnie Yen (also an incredible martial artist) a majority of people now truly appreciate what this person has done to contribute to the popularity of Wing Chun and how he helped Bruce Lee achieve his own specialized set of skills.


We understand that there are more but these two individuals are the ones that truly stand out in our esteem. What we look forward to is finding more people that will truly stand out in the field of martial arts.

Who do you hold at a high esteem in the world of martial arts?