Avatar the Last Air Bender: Lessons You Pick Up From Martial Arts Cartoons

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Never let it be said that cartoons do not provide critical lessons that people of different ages can learn from. In today’s discussion, we wanted to shine a bright light on the critical life lessons that one can pick pup from Avatar the Last Air Bender.

As you may know, NWA Cyberspace is dedicated to the topic of martial arts and if you’re wondering what Avatar the Last Air Bender has to do with that, you would be surprised. Avatar is quite rich in ethnic representation and it also reflects many different martial arts per nation. The world of Avatar features four nations: Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, Air Temple Nomads, and the North and South Water Tribes. Each of those nations has people who can manipulate the elements their particular nation is tied to.

However, there is one person, the Avatar that is able to wield all four elements and is supposed to maintain the balance between each nation. However, the Fire Nation has declared war on the other nations and it is up to the young Avatar to restore balance. The premise is pretty heavy for a children’s cartoon but it has moments of levity. What it has in abundance are lessons that are picked up along the way as the Avatar strives to learn the other elements. Lessons such as:


While there is a sense of urgency with the different nations becoming more and more fractured because of the Fire Nation, this show teaches its audiences that patience in the face of urgency can mean the difference between success and defeat.


Despite being from different nations or being on different sides of the fight, the show teaching the audience that you can actually empathize with your opponent and that it is not a sign of weakness.


This is one of the driving forces of the banished prince of the Fire Nation. He believed that his honor was taken from him when he was banished by his father. As such he would have said and done anything to reclaim it. Later on, he came to realize that his honor was something that no one can take from you.


One of the best things that Avatar teaches children and adults is that being kind is not a luxury. It is something that can be given to even an enemy and that at times, showing a bit of kindness now will snowball into something greater later on.


The characters of Avatar the Last Air Bender are surely a colorful bunch. Despite the fact that the show ended quite a while ago, it is something that many still go back to in this day and age. Do yourself a favor and watch Avatar the TV series when you can.

If you happen to be a fan, what critical life lesson did you learn from Avatar the Last Air Bender?