Starting It Right: What is Martial Arts?

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There has always been something rather appealing at the idea that you can defend yourself with simply a few good punches or well-placed kicks. However, is that all that martial arts is all about?

What Exactly Is Martial Arts?

For beginners and those who are have a passing inclination toward martial arts, it can be described as the flashy sect or ability where people turn their bodies into actual weapons that can either be used to hurt or protect. While that can be a description or definition that many can get behind, it is a rather limited point of view.

Martial Arts would be, first and foremost, a discipline that is the culmination of traditions, practices, and skills that are primarily stemmed from the desire for self-defense. While a majority of the more well-known martial arts are known to stem from Japan, there are a lot of different forms of martial arts that are tied to the cultures of different nations all over the world.

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What is interesting about Martial Arts is that at its very core, it is supposed to be about self-defense—it just so happened that a majority of it has been used competitively and even as a form of aggression (as present in its representation in movies, TV, and various forms of media).

Beyond having the capability to protect yourself when it comes down to it, martial arts continues to have a huge following worldwide because of what you can obtain from it. Those that practice martial arts are able to retain healthy lifestyles—something that the elderly set and young children would be able to truly benefit from.


Martial Arts continue to be the source of pride for several individuals and for very good reason. Martial Arts provides not only a way for people to protect themselves and stay healthy at the same time; martial arts also provides a deep connection between the generations that have passed to those that live on today. It is those teachings and traditions that make the culture truly rich.

On a personal standpoint, what do Martial Arts mean to you?